12 Tricks That Will Help You Stay On a Diet

The vast majority of women start dieting, get the first positive results, and then inevitably break down. How to start limiting yourself to food for a long time without disruptions?

Nutritionists advise you to choose a diet that is suitable for your individual parameters. To do this, you need to take a sample of tests, find out the level of sugar and hemoglobin. You should write down all your parameters and determine the desired result. If you have chronic diseases, it is better to discuss dietary nutrition with your doctor to harm your body.

Determine your motivation

Make and write a list of wishes that you can satisfy after losing weight. It can include beautiful clothing in a couple of sizes smaller or swimming on the beach in a bikini. This simple method will help your brain produce more dopamine, the motivation hormone. Positive motivation is fundamental for a long process. Therefore, to not break down, psychologists recommend hanging this motivational list on the refrigerator and rereading it more often.

Slow and smooth

One reason for disruptions is a sharp restriction of habitual food or everyday products. It is better to start the diet slowly and gradually to not give up everything because of constant hunger or irritation. If your state of health or well-being deteriorates, the nutrition system should not be canceled but slightly weakened or replaced with a more acceptable one.

A food diary

One way to avoid overeating is to keep a detailed record of all the foods you consume during the day. In your Notepad or mobile app, record your morning weight figures, food calories, and physical activity. Keeping a food diary will help you be more disciplined and return to the diet if you have stopped following the regime for some reason.

Fitting snacks

Everyone losing weight knows how much you want something sweet during a diet. The desire to eat chocolate or cake can torment for hours. Try to trick the body by replacing harmful fast carbohydrates with healthy ones – an Apple, banana, dried fruits, or a few nuts. So the body will get the desired carbohydrates and a lot of fiber, and the feeling of overwhelming hunger will recede.


To not be tormented by remorse after another breakdown, try to adjust your lifestyle to the new conditions. For example, to not buy harmful Goodies, go to the grocery store only after having had lunch beforehand. And if you are used to dining in restaurants, then choose those where there are diet dishes. Also, try not to eat food in front of the TV.

Small holidays

It often happens that after losing the first few pounds, a woman decides to reward herself for her achievements and arrange a small holiday. If you allow yourself to eat a small piece, nothing terrible will happen, but it can be challenging to stop there. The first victory does not fail, and the return of all the lost surplus, nutritionists recommend to treat yourself to inedible encouragement. You can buy new clothes, accessories, or go to a beauty salon.

Early to bed

Sometimes the desire for something to eat is particularly strong in the night hours. And only after a proper snack can you relax and fall asleep. To prevent this from happening, if possible, try to go to bed earlier. This way, you can fully relax and put an end to nighttime overeating for good.

Don’t forget about water

.Everyone knows that you need to drink more when following a diet, but not everyone does it. A lack of water can be one reason for a breakdown because we often confuse thirst with hunger. Losing weight is necessary to consume at least two liters of clean still water per day, even in winter. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that juices are considered nutrition and alcoholic beverages contain a large number of calories and increase appetite — they should generally be abandoned during the diet.

Remember to drink, keep a bottle or Cup of water near you, and drink it every time you are going to eat something. You can also put an app on your phone that will remind you to drink water. At first, you have to remind yourself about water, but soon the body will enter a mode, and you will not have any difficulty drinking your water quota.

Remove harmful Goodies from your home

If there is a chocolate bar or ice cream in the refrigerator, the time will come for them sooner or later. It is better to insure yourself in advance and remove all foods that can disrupt your diet. And if you really want to, you will have to go to the store and spend time and effort.

Empty refrigerator

If there is nothing to eat at home, it will take a long time to prepare the food. This is one of the arguments to snack on a pie or buys semi-finished products. Try to prepare your food in advance so that you can prepare it quickly. For example, put a handful of minced meat, a piece of fish or chicken in the freezer.

Meeting in a restaurant

.Before a business or a friendly meeting, it is better to have a snack in advance, and if it did not work out, then do not limit yourself to just a light salad. Order a hot dish, but it is better to refuse dessert.

Important 15 minutes

The feeling of fullness does not occur immediately, but only after 15-20 minutes after eating. At this time, you are still starving, and most people drink tea with high-calorie sweets. Wait only 20 minutes, and most likely, you will no longer want to eat.

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