Tank Trouble 2 Review

By | September 11, 2020

Tank Trouble is a game developed by Zynga, the creator of the multi-player games Farm Ville and Mafia Wars. This game is based on the comic book written by the same name.

Tank trouble 1
The graphics are excellent in Tank trouble and it looks good on a tablet or smart phone. The game is relatively short and there is a lot to do. For a game that is so short, the game really isn’t that long at all. There are twenty levels, each level more difficult than the last one.

Some people who have played Tank trouble are not very impressed with the graphics. But others are quite happy with how well the game looks.

There are three different categories of tanks in Tank trouble. You can choose to be a tank, an anti-tank, or a machine gunner. Each of the three categories has its own set of weapons.

Tanks are the most commonly used type of unit in the game and they are also the most expensive. The anti-tank units are more common and cheaper and machine guns are the least expensive but they are the most powerful. There are also some tanks that fire anti-aircraft missiles.

There are three different types of upgrades for your tanks as well. You can upgrade them with fuel tanks, armor, or anti-tank lasers. The tank that you choose to use will also receive some sort of defense device such as anti-aircraft, anti-torpedo, or anti-tank missiles.

If you choose to play against the computer, you will be able to set a number of rules in the game that you want the computer players to follow, which will make the game a bit harder for them. And if you choose to play a friend, you will be able to use these same rules against them.

You can download a trial version of Tank trouble from the internet or from the Zynga site. The free trials will allow you to try the game out before you buy it.

Tanks are pretty much the same throughout the game. There are several different classes of tanks and there are several different upgrades that you can apply to your tanks. There are two types of upgrades – the main one and the secondary one. The primary upgrade is what you start with and the secondary upgrade will add to that primary upgrade.

Primary upgrades are the ones that are available for your tank upon purchase. Secondary upgrades are the ones that you can acquire by earning points. or money throughout the game.

There are four levels in Tank trouble and you get to choose from them in order. After you complete the first level you move up to the next level. And you continue to get more points until you get to the final level. The higher levels are more difficult than the previous ones.

The game is a lot of fun because you get to build up your strength by defeating all of the enemies. But you need to consider your options when selecting which enemy to fight against and what to avoid.

Sometimes the game gets a little boring for you because of the fact that there are a lot of different enemies. And the controls can be a little tough. But you don’t have to worry too much because there are several tutorials that come along with the game that will help you understand the controls.

The game has two modes available – the adventure mode and the real time game. In the adventure mode, you only have to complete a certain amount of points to get to the next level. In the real time mode, you can see the action from all over the world while playing as a tank.

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