5 Ethical Fashion Brands That Are Nowhere Near Boring

Ethical fashion has had this impression of dullness for a while. The fashion scene used to be cluttered with too much artsy style. That’s not the case anymore, though, so we have a list of 5 ethical fashion brands that can appeal to everyone.

1 . Marine Serre

Marine Serre has incorporated sustainability in her brand from the moment she started her brand in 2016, without compromising her work, as evidenced by her easily winning the 2017 LVMH Prize. Her style is described as futuristic, from the way her brand makes her products to her designs.

2. Chopova Lowena

Proving its worth by becoming one of the LVMH Prize winners this year, Chopova was founded by Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena. It’s particularly known for its street style, owing to its distinctive and unique collection of skirts with leather-belts.

3. Pringles Of Scotland

The limited-edition jumpers made with recycled fabric from Pringles Of Scotland are best known for their excellent knitwear, often found with the word Re-loved or has printed with the earth’s graphics.

The brand’s design is very much in line with today’s fashion, especially the genderless ones, so that these sweaters can become a part of your wardrobe for a long time.

4. Pour Les Femmes

The brainchild of actress Robin Wright and activist Karen Fowler, the sleepwear brand Pour Les Femmes have proven their social consciousness by supporting women suffering from violence. Their pajamas are soft and perfect for bedtime and yet have interesting patterns.

5. Kitx

This Australian brand’s most famous design is the Unearthed Dress series. Jackfruit and marigold flowers have been used as a dye, adhering to a non-toxic technique. This is enough to explain how exquisite Kitx’s designs are.

Final Thoughts

These unique brands aren’t easy to get hold of. We hope you find what strikes your fancy!

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