How To Remove Gel Polish At Home

No matter how many manufacturers of conventional nail polishes assure us, they last no more than 2-4 days, while gel-lacquers delight us with a neat manicure for two weeks. This is their main advantage, which becomes a problem when it is impossible to visit the salon to remove the coating.

If you can not update your manicure with a master, the nails will grow back after some time, and the gel Polish will stand out noticeably against their background. And sometimes, the coating begins to move away from the nail plate over time. In addition to the fact that the manicure looks untidy in both cases, there is also a risk of damaging a healthy nail.

Ways to Remove Gel Polish yourself

Removing gel Polish at home is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. We will tell you the most popular and effective techniques for those who do not have the opportunity to visit the salon.

The acetone and foil

If you have a special tool for removing gel Polish at home, then you can use it. The main active substance in them is acetone. Therefore, if there is no such tool or it is impossible to purchase it, replace it with simple acetone.

What you will need:

  • acetone or gel Polish remover;
  • greasy cream or vaseline;
  • nail file;
  • cotton wool or cotton pads;
  • foil.
  • How to take pictures:
  • Cut cotton pads to the shape of your nails. This is necessary for less contact of acetone with the skin.
  • Cut off the top glossy layer of varnish with a file for easier penetration of the product into the gel.
  • The skin around the nail is smeared with cream to protect it from acetone.
  • Soak the sliced cotton pads and apply them to your nails.
  • Fix the cotton wool with foil, wrapping it around your finger. This way, the product will not evaporate, and the cotton pads will fit more tightly to the gel Polish.

The last point is the most tedious. If you used a gel Polish remover, then after 10-15 minutes, remove the foil and remove the coating. If acetone – then you will have to wait 20-25 minutes. To speed up the process, massage your fingertips periodically; this will help the product better penetrate the deeper layers.

At the end of the procedure, pull off the foil with cotton wool. Ideally, the gel Polish should be removed with them. If this does not happen, repeat the procedure.

As a last resort, use an orange stick or the sharp end of a metal nail file to pick up the coating and remove it gently. But keep in mind that this method is very traumatic for the nail. And if you do not have foil at home, replace it with patches or pour the liquid into small glasses, where you will dip your fingers.


Suppose there is no acetone at home, wet cotton pads in alcohol, or vodka. The withdrawal technology is the same as in the first method, except for a few points:

  • If you use alcohol, then dilute it with water in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • Use vodka in its purest form.
  • The holding time of wetted cotton discs under foil is 15-20 minutes.

Since vodka and alcohol do not have all the acetone properties, please note that the procedure may have to be repeated more than once.

Nail file

If the previous methods are not suitable for you for some reason, you can cut off the gel Polish with a nail file. For this purpose, saws with an abrasiveness of 100 are suitable. But the softer the file is (150 and higher), the longer the procedure will last.


When you have cut off most of the coating, change the file to a softer one to not injure your nail. Or reduce the intensity of your movements.

After removing the gel Polish with a file, do not apply a new coating for the next two weeks.

This method is the most traumatic for the nail. Use it only as a last resort.

Manicure equipment

If you make your manicure, then think about purchasing a device for it. They are similar to sanding machines or small drills. For use only at home, buy cheap models. More expensive devices are designed for frequent operation, and simple ones are also suitable for home use.

In addition to the device purchase attachments:

  • Hard ceramic for removing the main mass of gel Polish;
  • Soft for more precise work or nail Polish.

Recommendations for the use of:

  • Before you start working on your nails, experiment on a patch or piece of plastic.
  • While working, place your elbows on the table so that your hand doesn’t shake.
  • Do not press the nozzle forcefully against the nail: all movements during removal should be neat and smooth.
  • When the gel Polish is almost gone, change the nozzle to a softer one.

How to restore your nails

Removing the gel Polish in any way injures the nail plate to a greater or lesser extent. To restore it within two weeks, do the following:

Use cuticle oil in the morning and evening. Please apply to the skin around the nail, wait for 3-5 minutes, and RUB the oil with massage movements and into the nail itself. After removing the gel Polish, apply a special healing varnish to strengthen the nail plate. If it is not present, replace it with normal colorless varnish.

The main thing that will be required when removing gel Polish at home is neatness and patience so that the nails are not injured. Also, do not forget to take care of them after removing them, and after a few days, you will not be ashamed to show your manicure.

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