Augmented Reality and How It Is The New Way Forward for Fashion

At first, Augmented Reality was merely a cool concept that seemed to bleed into modern fashion, art, and even music. Now, it has more potential than ever before, with the pandemic making it impossible for fashion shows and cloth trial impossible. Let’s look at the way AR is transforming the fashion scene.

The New Way of Cloth Trial

Fashion companies have been launching apps like the See My Fit from ASOS. Here, customers can try out 800 different clothes virtually. Basically, the company uses models of various shapes and sizes that bear close resemblances to the customers.

The Magic Mirror

The mirror concept is where the fitting room gets an interactive display, and customers can use it like both a touch screen and an actual mirror. Brands like Sephora have particularly made use of it by allowing customers the ability to try makeup virtually.

Turning Back to Physical Stores

A big reason traditional retailers are pushing for augmented reality is to seduce customers back into the retail shops instead of online shopping. The development of AR will allow brands to combine the joy of physical shopping with the ease that comes with online shopping.

Specifically, for customers who are shy about interacting with store managers, AR can be a big help with how independently it runs.

Testing the Patterns

Unlike store managers, AR can analyze the customer’s choices. Each decision the customer makes gives the software a better idea of what kind of clothes they prefer. This will definitely help brands understand what they should have in store to attract customers.

Final Thoughts

AR is an ambitious project that can either bring a major change or lead to a fall. How brands make the best use of it remains to be seen.

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