Bathroom Renovations: 5 Major Mistakes

If you are replacing tiles or doing a major home renovation, repairing the bathroom can be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, you should take care of the problems that are waiting for you in advance.

Bathroom renovation

  • Unrealistic Financial plans
  • Lack of a clear understanding of the functions of the bathroom
  • Incorrect distribution and arrangement of devices
  • The priority of specific trends and not practical needs
  • Inadequate choice of materials for each zone

Unrealistic financial plans

We all want materials to appear in the bathroom with a dream of the highest quality, which are perfectly combined and with which we create harmony throughout the room. However, you should make an accurate budget. Do not claim to make repairs of 100,000 UAH when you have only put aside 30,000. Otherwise, you will need to make some adjustments on the go, which will most likely harm the finished product. You should write down on a piece of paper the amount you want to spend the most, of course, after a thorough analysis of your financial situation and your Bank account balance.

Try to make this value as realistic and straightforward as possible. As an additional tip, make two different financial plans. If the masters decide that one of them is not for one reason or another to put it into practice, at least one alternative can be implemented.

Lack of understanding of the functions of a bathroom

Ironically, this is one of the most common mistakes employees face when they start repairing the bathroom. Although many people dream of a SPA-like bath, they do not consider that the tub’s daily use is the most important and should be the main criterion. Create a list that identifies exactly the objects and things you want your bathroom to contain after the upgrade and categorize them according to their priority.

For example, the toilet is mandatory and must be recorded first among other appliances, while without a bidet, you can still live so that it will take a slightly lower position in this list. You will be surprised to find out how many things you need, and how much you can miss.

For example, if one of your priorities is to have a bathtub with as much natural light as possible, cabinets and wall storage may get mixed up. Therefore, calculate the exact amount of furniture before you start buying items on the list. Sometimes it is easier to remove the wall and expand the room than squeeze new equipment into the old walls.

Incorrect distribution and arrangement of devices

Ordering items inside the bathroom is based on the list of things you will buy, based on their priority. Since each bathroom is unique in the design and placement of objects inside it, these aspects should be conceived at the planning stage with a list of necessary elements, trying not to miss any critical points. Although this may seem like a straightforward task at first glance, it is found that architects most often try to put all the objects in the bathroom, especially in a small one.

It will take you a few hours to check each item’s size and imagine how and where it will fit, knowing if it can be used or not properly used if it is placed in a particular position. For example, don’t choose a more massive shower if you can’t get into it because of the bidet and so on.

The priority of specific trends and not practical needs

Let’s try to understand – there is nothing wrong with following trends in a bathroom renovation. On the contrary, some of them are excellent and can be used successfully. But when you decide to renovate your bathroom by following trends, it’s essential to understand how many times a day you enter the bathroom. For example, the art of wall painting can be a source of inspiration for a stylish interior but will become a brake on other designs, so choose the bathroom style carefully.

At the same time, before moving on to an upgrade, think about whether you want to live in the house for a long time or whether you plan to sell it in a few years. Imagine how the trend that you have taken as a basis will affect the final price, and if it is exorbitant, and in five years, you will get quite tired of when tastes and trends will change, whether it is worth paying attention to it.

Inadequate choice of materials for each zone

The bathroom should be considered as a separate room in the house. Inside it will most often be very high humidity, so the materials are chosen considering the effects of steam and moisture. This means that not all materials will be perfect for this room. Even if natural stone is incredibly beautiful, consider the permeability and porosity of the raw material. There is not always a protective layer on the rock’s surface, and if there is, this is an additional cost.

At the same time, while you may have seen some types of Wallpaper in the toilets of luxury restaurants that fit perfectly into the bathroom, note that there is no shower in such rooms, and the humidity is not as high as it will be in your bathroom. Fortunately, today you can choose from a wide variety of ceramic tiles so that the result will be satisfactory and per your requirements. Try to learn more about the durability of materials and maintain them to make sure that you choose the perfect product.

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