How Much Protein Do You Need a Day?

How can I calculate the amount of protein that I need specifically for you? How much of it should be contained in one serving? We offer step-by-step instructions.

The average person needs 45-100 g of protein per day: it all depends on the body’s weight and the metabolic characteristics of the body. Do you want to find out how much protein per day is your norm?

Take a calculator, and, using the suggested instructions, you will be able to calculate this cherished number.

The calculated rate of protein

Step 1

The Average amount of protein consumed each day is approximately 0.8-1.0 g of the substance per kg of body weight. Therefore, the first thing we weigh ourselves is to find out our value.

Step 2

Then multiply your weight by the volume of protein in the norm for each kg. Of course, the easiest way is to multiply it by one. But, if your lifestyle is entirely passive, the protein intake will be closer to the bottom bar. The resulting value is your daily protein intake hole.

Step 3

Divide this indicator by the number of meals per day to determine how much protein you can eat in one meal.

For example, you are an active person weighing 68 kg. Here is how the necessary calculations are performed.

Bodyweight is 68 kg.

68 x 1.0 = 68 g.

68:5 (3 main meals + 2 snacks) total 13,6-round up to 14. So, a person weighing 68 kg who eats five times a day, during one meal, can consume 14 g of protein.

Protein is a problem

If proteins are necessary for the body, then it turns out that why should they be consumed as much as possible? No! High-quality proteins are essential in the formation and maintenance of health, but you can harm the body if you exceed the norm or take poor-quality protein food.

  • The human body is not designed to process an excessive amount of protein food. Excess proteins can lead to increased oxidative stress and inflammation, which accelerates cell aging and disease.
  • Excess protein harms the kidneys and liver, as these organs remove waste from protein digestion from the body.

Often people whose menu is based on animal proteins prefer the wrong types of meat. They buy meat from farmed animals (which includes 30 % more harmful palmitic acid). This acid is “blamed” for the development of cardiac ailments.

It is much more useful to eat the meat of animals that are grazed in natural conditions. The best way to determine how much protein you can eat at one time is to use your palm (without fingers) as a template. If you can” shake hands ” with squirrels, then this is an average amount of them.

It is important to remember that with excessive protein intake, it is almost impossible to obtain the necessary amount of substances (from plant food) that give the body the potential to fight diseases.

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