How to Get the Best out of Shirt Dresses

Women's Fashion

The shirt dress, which first found its audience in the 1940s, continues to dominate the fashion scene. Why wouldn’t it? It’s the perfect dress that you can use for most occasions. However, only wearing it can be interesting, so let’s look at how you can style it.

Pair It with Sneakers

Contrary to the widespread impression, sneakers should be the chosen footwear with a shirt dress. The dress’s t-shirt-like structure matches the sneakers, and pairing it with white or sparkly black sneakers should make you look chic.

Your feet can also stand to get some much-needed rest.

The Pants

If you don’t feel comfortable with bare legs or want to switch it up a bit, you can combine the dress with pants or leggings. It will seem as if you’re wearing a longline shirt and, in this way, you have your office attire ready.

Turn It into A Jacket

If your shirt dress comes with open buttons, well, you know what to do. You can wear a tank top and jeans and drape the shirt dress like a long coat. This will surely catch some attention.

Cinch the Waist

The boxy shape of the shirt dress can make you look devoid of form. Tightening a belt around your waist- preferably a gold matt color one- or tying a scarf around your waist should help you look more defined. You also have the perfect party dress at your disposal this way.

Final Thoughts

Other than these simple tricks, you can add on some glittery necklaces, earrings, and sunglasses. No matter how plain your dress is, the contrast would make it look expensive.

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