How to Properly Pack a Suitcase to Fit Your Travels

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To make sure that all the necessary things fit in your suitcase, take advantage of our tips on how to properly pack them.

If your vacation is just around the corner, it’s time to think about what to take with you, and most importantly, how to fit everything you need into one suitcase. In this article, we will give you some valuable tips that will help you pack the most things, even in a small suitcase.

10 useful life hacks for travelers

Put your things in rolls.

This will allow you to save some space. For example, a small suitcase can hold three pairs of shorts, trousers, jeans, sweaters, a pair of swimsuits, a skirt, about ten t-shirts, five shirts, and four dresses, if you fold the things on a roll.

Use vacuum bags.

With these bags, it is easy to transport bulky items, for example, bed linen, children’s toys, or jackets.

Stir things according to the “pyramid” principle.

Shoes should be placed along the walls of the suitcase, long things should be rolled up and placed on the bottom, and on top of them should be folded rolls of clothes that do not crumple. Fill all voids with small and crumpled things.

Do not take an umbrella with you.

Instead, it is better to take a raincoat, it will take up a minimum of space. You can also buy several disposable raincoats.

Buy cosmetics in mini containers.

You do not need to fill your suitcase with all your favorite tubes, because you will have to take other important things with you.

Pack the right little things (jewelry, flash drive, socks, glasses, etc.).

Place them in your suitcase pockets, inside your shoes, or in a folder with your documents.

For some things, you will need hangers.

You cannot roll up shirts, jackets and evening dresses, so for them, it is better to take, for example, a trunk, thanks to it, things can be hung on any hook.

Bring the necessary medicines.

Blisters can be placed inside shoes or wrapped in a bag.

Fill in the gaps.

If there are still some empty areas in your suitcase, fill them with packing paper so that things don’t get crumpled during the trip. And after the vacation, the free areas can be filled with memorable Souvenirs.

Give up some things.

It is not necessary to take a hairdryer with you on a trip, for example, because you can take it to the hotel. You can also opt-out of the laptop case and travel guides (it is more convenient to save them in electronic form).

A few more recommendations

  1. To prevent the headphones and charger wire from getting tangled; You can wrap them around an unnecessary plastic card.
  2. When transporting glass objects; Wrap them in socks and then put them in shoes, so they will not break under any circumstances.
  3. To Prevent the shampoo or shower gel from spilling on the road; Open the cap, wrap the neck with plastic wrap and tighten the cap.
  4. So that the chains do not get tangled in the road; Put one end through the cocktail tube and fasten the chain.

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