Is Fast Fashion a Sustainable Concept?

Recently, several fast fashion companies have been taking the pledge of sustainability. Yet, in a world where only one percent of the global cloth production adheres to sustainability, is it possible? Can fast fashion be modeled after sustainability?

1. Eco-Friendliness

The business model of fast fashion in itself is a direct contrast to sustainability.

Fast fashion companies have been promising they would recycle their clothes, but the truth is, at the rate garments have to be delivered to the store, clothes can never be recycled at that rate. It’s also simply easier to create new products than to recycle old ones.

Some brands have been claiming they would use sustainable fabric instead. However, the sustainable fabric itself isn’t something that exists on a 100 percent scale. It still uses natural resources; only, the blow to the environment is a little softer. However, when you’re producing clothes for fast fashion, a little less impact doesn’t help much in the long run.

2. CSR

Simply speaking, fast-fashion retailers can never truly fulfill their corporate social responsibility. The concept of fast fashion is to either grow or die out. So, while the brands are discussing using less electricity, they’re also making plans for opening 7 more stores in the same breathe, which- guess what- uses massive amounts of electricity.

Capitalism will always be a concept opposite to ethics.

3. The Quality

Maybe a fast-fashion company does manage to make its products with sustainable fabric but does it come with good quality? Fast fashion doesn’t want consumers to be responsible for their clothing choices; they want them to come back again and again, and providing high-quality clothes opposes that. Ultimately, the company is always producing more waste than necessary.

Final Thoughts

Right now, where the world stands, fast fashion and sustainability can’t co-exist.

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