Vitamins That Help You Fight Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly worldwide, and many are concerned about how to protect themselves in this situation? The use of personal protective equipment is not enough; it is important to strengthen the immune system. To do this, according to scientists from Singapore, you can combine certain vitamins.

We are talking primarily about vitamins B12, D3, and magnesium. Especially they should be taken by older adults, which will significantly reduce the risk of death in infection cases.

How do vitamins affect the course of the disease?

Complications of coronavirus often occur due to a cytokine storm – an inflammatory response of the immune system. Scientists have found that the combination of certain vitamins makes it easier to transfer the disease. For example, D-vitamin protects the respiratory organs, and magnesium improves the absorption of this trace element. Vitamin B12 has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora. All the listed microelements are safe for human health and are perfectly tolerated by the body.

The use of vitamins in the treatment of COVID-19 was proven in a study – 17 patients aged 50 years and older were prescribed vitamins D3, B1, and magnesium, which had to be taken for at least two weeks.

When using these microelements, the risk of developing complications has significantly decreased, regardless of concomitant diseases. Of the group of patients taking vitamins, only 17% needed oxygen. And from the group of patients who were not prescribed vitamins, this figure was 62%. Due to the appointment of trace elements, the risk of complications was reduced by 3.5 times.

What vitamin deficiency leads to complications in COVID-19?

According to statistics, the vast majority of patients diagnosed with coronavirus and vitamin D deficiency had a fatal outcome. This conclusion was made by Indonesian experts who analyzed the data of 780 patients in local hospitals. Among more than 98% of cases, the amount of d-vitamin in the body did not exceed 20 ng/mol. Among patients with sufficient trace element content, the mortality rate was within 4%.

People with sufficient levels of d-vitamin in the body have a stronger immune system, and if there is a lack of this trace element and concomitant infection with coronavirus, the prognosis, unfortunately, is not comforting. Experts from Cambridge confirmed this theory. Maximum mortality from COVID-19 is observed in European countries with populations with low levels of d vitamin.

A significant part of this trace element is produced in the body under the influence of sunlight. Certain foods can also make up for the deficit:

  • Fish of oily varieties;
  • Egg yolk;
  • Natural butter;
  • Vitamin supplement.

Healthy foods in sufficient quantities should be consumed by older people, because with age, the natural production of vitamin decreases, even if you often stay in the sun.

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