The Correct Way To Wash Your Sneakers – Handwash or Washing Machine?

Many people are interested in the question – do sneakers need to be washed only manually, or can they be washed in a washing machine? In fact, both options are acceptable, but we will talk about how to do manual and machine washing correctly in this article. To ensure that your sneakers don’t lose their attractive appearance after washing, follow these simple recommendations.

It is optimal to wash your sneakers once a month. The main thing is to do it correctly. We will tell you about the rules of washing ordinary sneakers with membranes and made of such delicate materials as suede and genuine leather.

Rules for machine washing sneakers

First things first:

  • Remove insoles (if possible) and shoelaces;
  • First, remove large dirt particles from shoes;
  • Place the sneakers along with the laces and insoles in the Shoe washing net and then in the drum of the washing machine;
  • To avoid overloading the drum, you must wash no more than three pairs of sneakers at a time (preferably no more than two).

During machine washing, your sneakers should be washed using a gentle mode – delicate or manual.

If there are no such modes, then you need to set the minimum washing time and remove the spin. As detergents, gels, and liquid powders are suitable. Sports shoes should be washed at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees. Otherwise, the places where materials are glued together may be damaged. If there are dark spots on your shoes, you can remove them with a soap solution and a wrong toothbrush.

Shoes should be dried in a well-ventilated area.

You can put a special mini dryer or thick paper inside the sneakers, which will keep the shape. You cannot dry shoes near heating devices because high temperatures will destroy the adhesive composition; for the same reason, you should not dry shoes in the sun.

Washing shoes with membranes, suede, and leather

For shoes with membranes, machine washing is also suitable, but only with membrane detergents. Such products do not contain wax, fats, and oils, and they are sold in specialized stores – sports or footwear.

Shoes made of suede and genuine leather should not be machine-washed.

You can remove dirt with a soap solution or products intended for cleaning suede or leather products. Abrasive detergents should not be used in this case. If there are greasy spots on your sneakers, you can eliminate them with a solution of soda and any other contamination – with alcohol. For cleaning suede sneakers, you should use brushes with a strong pile.

Rules for handwashing sports shoes

For manual washing of sneakers, you must use warm water and liquid powder, gel, or soap. You cannot soak your shoes. Otherwise, they will fall apart, and the shape will deform. It is enough to apply a special Shoe deodorant or wipe the shoes with hydrogen peroxide to get rid of an unpleasant smell.

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